SCI International

Service Civil International was established by Pierre Cérésole, a Swiss engineer and a pacifist, in Europe in 1920, after the World War 1. He organized the first work camp in the village called Esnes-en-Argonne in Northern France to reconstruct the damaged village after the war and to be a symbol of reconciliation between France and Germany. People in the village gradually accepted their sincere apologies and strong will to bring peace in the world.


SCI Japan

SCI was introduced to Japan in 1950 for the first time. A great number of young people went and participated in work camps as Long Term Volunteers(LTV) in India, Europe and Africa. They brought a wealth of knowledge and experience of SCI back to Japan and in 1958, the first work camp took place in Niijima Island of the Izu Island chain, Japan. The aim of project was to build a nursery there. Ever since, many work camps were held in slum areas and waste lands. In 1964, SCI Japan was approved as SCIʼs official branch by SCI International. We organize work camps and various projects, and receive and send volunteers internationally in cooperation with other branches and partner organizations.