Long Term Volunteer (LTV)

SCI JapanLong Term Volunteer (LTV)

One of the big characteristic of SCI is that we have long term projects in many SCI branches. We believe that LTV is the way not only working/living with the community but also experiencing SCI’s value (“Peace not by word, but by Deeds”) through the work and life.

Therefore, after having workcamp experience, we recommend you to be LTV somewhere in the world sometime in your life.

You can search what kind of long term projects we have by SCI international website:

Here are few example from current projects:

Ecuador) teaching English to the children in rural area

Great Britain) support the community where young homeless living together

Indonesia) support interaction between local community and children who has physical/intellectual challenges, teaching English to the children

Switzerland) support organic farming community

Sri Lanka) support school for physical/intellectual challenges